Summary of Skills

Over the course of roughly two years, I gained professional experience and developed expertise in web design and UX/UI design. Some of my most notable skills obtained included:

  • Manually applying front-end HTML/ CSS configurations to alter desktop and mobile. Changing formats, stacking orders, fonts color, and general layout when specified by clients’ request needs
  • We improved UX for various clients by designing new website elements & email marketing campaigns to bring growth to clients and correct pain points consumers were having. 
  • Gaining a fundamental understanding of the full end-to-end design process. I familiarized myself with industry standards like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD, and Adobe Illustrator. I also learned more intricate facets of web development like Backend Host Management and front-end CMS like Shopify & WordPress.
  • Developed vital communication skills with clients to keep up-to-date with work-related content. I also constantly collaborated with internal teams to make revisions to ongoing projects.
  • Being eager to learn, coachable, and highly adaptable in unforeseen circumstances. These qualities were applauded by my managers and supervisor throughout our partnership.

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