Who is Aziza O'Bryant?

As a child, I had a genuine passion for art, crafts and drawing. It’s funny to think back to those elementary school days when people would pay me to create drawings for them. At the time, I never really thought about how I can use this in my future career. Over the years I fell more into the digital side of art and began dabbling in the world of animation, website building, video and photo editing.

I’ve have a keen interest in user experience, research, and thinking of the best content strategies possible. Recently I’ve begun my journey into more of a Javascript-heavy role and call myself a “loading…” front-end developer.


Web Development & UX/UI Design

By joining TXCAPstudio, I had the opportunity to elevate my proficiency in website building. Prior to that, I provided simple website development exclusively to close friends, starting in 2018. Now, I am thrilled to introduce Navbar Media, a company that I co-founded, committed to crafting websites for a broader range of clients. To further strengthen my expertise in this domain, I recently completed the Google UX Design Certificate course, which equipped me with valuable skills and knowledge in creating impactful user experiences.

I’ve always enjoyed video editing, I do it quite a bit for my YouTube channel casually in my spare time. Luckily, Texas State University offers a VR and 360 Video course. I was able to learn and film using some of the most current tools on the market. These videos were shot on an Insta 360 camera and edited in Premiere Pro. I can create virtual tours, birds-eye views, and dabble with AR simulator and app filters.

After completing my freshman year at university, I made the decision to take a gap year. During this time, I secured an internship at VETTED, a military transition program. Throughout my employment, I had the opportunity to:

  • Learn professional networking skills and enhance my professional image, leading me to create my own LinkedIn profile.
  • Generate content for various social media platforms and analyze data to improve attendance at sponsored events on a monthly basis.
  • Utilize Adobe Suite to film, edit, and illustrate promotional ads for the brand.
  • Assist with event planning and offer suggestions to attract the attention of veterans.
  • Build a network of invaluable mentors who provided guidance and support as I developed professionally.

During my gap year, I also discovered General Assembly, a private education program that exposed me to various new tech career paths. Enrolling in courses such as HTML/CSS coding, UX/UI Design, and Product Management, among others, opened my eyes to the diverse opportunities available. These classes provided me with a firmer grasp on what career I wanted to pursue.

I was REALLY into skateboarding as a child. I started decorating my own boards and received numerous compliments. Encouraged by the positive response, I began taking custom requests and selling my skateboard art, turning my hobby into a business.I created the brand @blkgrilgrip and some of my work even made it to Thrasher magazine!