Case study:

Lifeway Baptist School

Case study:

Lifeway Baptist School


TXCAPstudio was thrilled when Lifeway approached us with their vision of creating a better and fresher look for their school site in order to increase recruits and demonstrate Lifeway as a credible educational institution for in Cuero, Texas.


TXCAP started by conducting in-depth discussions with Lifeway’s team to gain a clear understanding of their goals, values, and target audience. This helped us align our design strategy with their vision and objectives ultimately deciding on:

1. Branding

My first project at TXCAP when I started in August 2022 was to think of a way to make a mascot for the school program at Lifeway Baptist Church.

The goal was to capture a sense of fierceness while maintaining child-friendliness to represent the early childhood development aspect of the school.

Inspiration mocks
Final Headshot
Final Body

2. Organize & Research

We conducted competitive audits to understand the market in Cuero, Texas, and identify the unique selling points of Lifeway. This allowed us to position Lifeway’s brand effectively and highlight its distinctive features.

After auditing, we optimized the website’s content architecture to ensure that the information about Lifeway’s curriculum, faculty, facilities, and extracurricular activities was easily accessible. A well-organized site not only enhances the esthetic appeal but also improves the overall usability. When prospective parents and students visit the website

3. Re-Design

To achieve a better and fresher look, we revamped Lifeway’s website design with a modern and clean aesthetic. We used a combination of vibrant colors, high-quality imagery, and engaging typography to create an impactful visual experience that would attract attention and leave a positive impression.

Old LBS Site

New LBS Site

Optimization & Responsiveness:

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices in today’s digital landscape, we ensured that Lifeway’s website was fully responsive and provided a seamless browsing experience across different screen sizes and devices.By optimizing relevant keywords, meta tags, and page descriptions, we aimed to increase organic traffic and enhance Lifeway’s online presence. 

Search results ranking LBS #1 hit

Analytics and Monitoring:

After launching the new website June 10th TXCAP’s analytics tools to monitor user engagement and traffic patterns showed traffic increased 50%. This data helped Lifeway track the effectiveness of the site and make informed decisions for continuous improvement.

Metrics showing a +50% increase

Keys Takeaways:

By collaborating closely with Lifeway throughout the design process, we successfully created:

  • A visually appealing and user-friendly website
    that communicated Lifeway’s strengths.
  • Implemented SEO best practices to improve website visibility in search engine results.
  • Showcased its unique offerings a dynamic well-organized way
  • Increased site traffic by 50%
  • Instilled confidence in prospective parents and students considering the school in Cuero, Texas