August 2021- Present

Began working with TXCAPstudio to as a Web designer and developed a solid frontend skillset. Also familiarizing myself with backend languages like javascript & PHP.

June 2021- September 2021

Offered some Freelance artistic services for close friends. From pictures, logo, griptape, shoes and more. I now can add simple website creation for the same close friends.

August 2020- December 2020

Texas State University offers a VR/AR and 360 Video course. I was able to learn and film using some of the most current tools on the market. These videos were shot on an Insta 360 camera and edited in premiere pro. I can create virtual tours, birds-eye views, and AR simulator. 

  • Developed skills using Unity, Adobe XD, Premiere pro, and dealing with large 360 video footage.
  • Can recognize the difference between the type of camera needed to conduct some virtual reality tour contracts.
  • Build small virtual simulations for Oculus Heads sets

October 2018 - June 2019

After completing Freshman Year at University I decided to take a gap year. VETTED, a military transition program took me on as an intern.  During my employment I,

  • Learned how to network and build my image professionally
  • Create content for multiple social media platforms
  • Film, edit and illustrate promotional  ads for the brand
  • Assist with event planning

Through the internship, I developed a network and stumbled across a Private education program, General Assembly. GA really opened my eyes to what new tech jobs were out there to be pursued. I took HTML/CSS coding, UX/UI Design, Product management, and more. Thanks to these classes I had a much firmer grasp on what career I wanted.

Freelance Sites

First site entirely coded and implemented using CSS/ HTML and Bootstrap. It was locally hosted as a project but now it up live and fully  functional post-grad!

Gerardo is tree extractor, we had issues with a tree messing our home’s foundation and removed a huge thorn in our side. Big G is dedicated to providing fast, high-quality, and professional services at the best rates.

A resource aimed to help kids and citizen scientists alike to explore the nature in their own backyard!



Real-world applications