How it began

I started skateboarding when I was just six years old. I can thank my older sister for getting me into it she was 10 years older than me so I pretty much copied everything she did. Eventually she stopped skating but I kept going, she left the house and it was really the only thing that I could do to occupy myself. In my neighborhood there weren't any kids, I didn't have any cousins, and it was kind of secluded from the main street. That's most likely how the presistance and repetion aspect was instilled in me so young. I would go practice skating in the front yard for hours.

Eventually when I was around ten I went to the skatepark for the first time, that was a whole different ball game. Going down ramps is different from writing on the sidewalk in front of your house or in the privacy of your own garage. Nevertheless, I went back here and there with my parents, when they actually delegated time to take me. One time when I was around twelve I was at the skatepark and I hit a rock while going fast up a ramp. people think you'll hurt yourself doing the most craziest things in this sport but you end up breaking yourself off doing the most simplest things.

Long story short, that little rock threw me off-balance enough and I broke my arm. It didn't hurt in the original occurrence but when my Dad said "We have to go to the hospital," that's when the fear and anxiety really kicked in. I've never been to the hospital or been under anesthesia and I was more scared of that than my arm actually being broken. after this event I was definitely way more cautious skating and my parents didn't take me to the park as much. you could say it was a relapse but my drive for skating really took off when I got my own car at the age of 16. I could go to the skatepark when I wanted, mostly, and I progressed immensely. Now I just try to skate when I can, which still is very often, and find friends to help me record.