Central Texas Skateboarding

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Hey, welcome to my blog!

Kick back and relax while I explain the skate scene in Texas. Ive been living here 19 years but lets not get that twisted with being bias. Texas is a little bit different from California, New york, or Florida but it's still pretty hesh out here. I'll be exploring Austin, Brooklyn, and East La, and the scenes around them. At the top will be navigation, articles, videos and more.

About the owner

Following in the footsteps of my older sister, I started skateboarding at 6. Eventually she stopped, but I stuck to it. Skating really was the only thing kept me engaged. I didn't have any kids to play with in my niegborhood so it was just me and the plank. When I got my first car my progression took off. I could go to the parks around Austin and really be immersed. House park is my all time FAV! Mabel Davis is coming in second, its alittle rough but more of that will be explained on the "Whats's up" page.

Below are some great resources, testimonials, and videos worth watching, take a look!

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