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This is an online portfolio to showcase all atributes, skills, intrerest and hobbies I partake in. Heres my Youtube channel for starters. It will include anything I deem post-able from blog posts to my resume.

I belive my skills stemed from having tons of time spent to myself growing up. Don't get me wrong, It wasn't bad, that's just all I knew. This alone time has really shaped me into a high fuctioning independent person. I can be fixated on assignments, projects, endeavors, etc. for hours. If you're looking for dedicated worker who doesn't mind the process of editing video or adjustings pictures, here I am. I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating a bigger entity. The finished product is more rewarding and enjoyable when you can look at the hard work that was put into the creation of it. Here's some trivia, one time I spent 5+ hours editing a picture that I didnt even post because the dimentions were slightly off for the instgram perameters. I also do understand that there are deadlines, rubrics, and guidelines need to be met for certain projects. I am able to work with those factors and adjust accordingly.

Some of my older hobbies were spending hours after school building massive cities in Minecraft, painting/ repurposing shoes, or leveling up my Pokemon to take on the elite four for the 12th time. Ive always admired Woodcrafts, making things like furniture, treehouses, bed frames, or a pens seemed practical and fun. Right now my most current hobby is fishing. For some reason I go in and out of phases in my life. I used to fish with my dad when I was younger but this summer I worked at a summer camp and began fishing there because I had to supervise the lake anyway. Until I catch my very own fish here in Texas I won't stop on my resurgence endeavor.

Quick back story, growing up my Dad usually took me to school because it was closer to his job rather than my Moms. He always played "old school jams" or NPR radio on the way, I guess that's where I get my music taste now. I really dislike this new era of hip-hop. The words in the messages are all vulgar, I can't find myself unconsciously vibing out to it, the music below.

I love I tolerate I Cannot
Raveena Drake Trap, in general
Ceol sol Lizzo Megan the stallion
Tom Misch Ella fitzgerald Post Malone

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Last Updated Febuary 9, 2020