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Basics of Flipping shoes!

Step 1: Get shoes, here are some creative ways to get shoes for the low.

Step 2:

1.) Know what you're are looking for. On instagram I follow a page called @profitfinds and they show what other people have found and share it. This is crazy because just recently I came across a pair of shoes I think I could take a chance on.

2.) Make sure its at a low/ profitable price. I just found some "Jeremy Scott Uggs" at ross which were also featured of the profit page. This collaboration between the fashion icon and Ugg was supposedly sold out, but I found some at ross. Nonetheless, I still bought them in the hopes of making a quick flip. Uggs normally are priced at $180- $210 and I found these for $99.99, to me they are worth the flip, and the rarity adds to the amount I can add on top for profit. BONUS have a return option. Since I bought these at Ross dress for less I have 30 days just in case nobody buys off me for the price I wont and I didn’t lose anything in the end. Honestly you have nothing to lose if a return option

3.) Put on multiple sites, adjusting price for the amount they take out on each one. after I acquired the Uggs from ross I went to putting it on Posh-mart, eBay, Mercari, facebook, and instagram to promote my sale of the Uggs hopefully one of them hits. I went with a auction for eBay to entice people more, for Mercari actually lowered it down to 230 because they don’t take many fees out and Posh-mart I listed at 250.

Step 3:

Make sure profit is actually reasonable. If you are only making $20 after the fees are taken out you have to ask your self "is this even worth it" and that is subjective but for my Ugg example if somebody buys for $230 Id get 200 bucks making a 90 profit, to me its worth it even though some shoes retail for $150 and resell for $1000+ .