All other projects and sites for the course will be linked below.

Project 1 Use the basics of HTML to make a personal website about yourself. A total of four pages are required and two of them must be a home and assignments page
Project 2 Convert your Project 1 and CSS Exercise that we did in class into a responsive site by adding media queries and fluid layout elements. You will also be using Photoshop to create a header for your website. A total of five pages are required and two of them must be a home and assignments page.
Project 3 Use Bootstrap to create a multimedia storytelling project. You will use a front end framework to code your site. Be sure that you have five pages or sections and one must be the home.
Video Exersise Use iMovie or similar video editing software to learn basic video editing. Video should be related to your Project 3 topic. Video exercise needs to be formatted as a documentary or interview style video. If you have another style idea for your video exercise please contact me.
Final Project Use all the skills gained during the course to complete an extensive project over an organization, event or another topic in which you can approve with me. You will use WordPress as a CMS, WP plugins to add desired functionality, and any other tools we covered throughout the semester. Select a topic that will allow you to showcase the skills you have learned over the semester. All content should be your original work. Arrange appropriate interviews, photos, or recordings as necessary. Contact appropriate sources.