I Throughtly Enjoy Creating Things


In elementary school I was always known as the kid who knew how draw. People would actually pay me to draw things for them. Doing that and mowing my nieghbors grass started my "business woman" mentality. I began to sell my drawings for anywhere between one dollar to $0.50 depending on how hard the sketch was. My next business adventure that was a success was making Duct-Tape wallets. I would come to school and sell at least three wallets a day at one point. The designs that really sold well were the cute cartoon characters like Elmo and SpongeBob, and they went for $5 to $10 depending on how big the wallet was. Buying, selling, trading, and saving was now instilled in me from those earlier years, lots of fun. It was natural for me to make money creating my own things and selling them.

In middle school I began to draw for my own personal desire. This phase lasted a year or two, I was in a black and white portraits phase that was documented on my YouTube channel here. Moving on to high school I stepped away from drawing and began doing more hands-on crafts. From sophomore to senior year I was deep-rooted in sculpture. After the first year I became the TA where I could basically have free range over whatever I wanted to do, while still being there to help the younger students. This is where the third phase of my art art career took off.

As I explained on the skate page, I was getting back into skateboarding more now and I started designing my own skateboard decks.

I couldn't find a brand doing excaly what I wanted, so I created it myself. I have a tendency create things on my own when I can't find them exactly the way I envisioned them. From Elementary to now I've always created my own path.

Recently I've got into the computerized sphere of art. The world online now, so I transferred my skills to a tablet. I am still trying to figure it out but digital is always evolving. So far, I have meddled in Photoshop, Canva, iMovie video editing, and a little bit of After-effects. Below are some of the projects I've created and am proud of.



Click here for VETTED video I created as a intern.