HELLO, and welcome!

This is an online portfolio to showcase all atributes, skills, intrerest and hobbies I partake in. Heres my Youtube channel for starters. It will include anything I deem "postable" from blog posts to my resume.

Having lots of time spent to myself growing up really hardened my determination. This alone time has really shaped me into a high fuctioning independent person. I can be fixated tasks for hours. If you're looking for dedicated worker who doesn't mind the process of editing video or adjustings pictures... here I am. One time I spent 5+ hours editing a picture that I didnt even post because the dimentions were slightly off for it to fit in the instgram perameters to make a contiuous slideshow :(

Some of my hobbies include: cutting men hair, painting, thrifting, woodworking, shoes, Rollercoster tycoon and Minecraft occasionally. truly nothing is off limits, i just bought a jigsaw yesterday so who kneo where my contractor" work will take me next. at the moment ime really into fishing, I won't stop until i catch one!

Fun fact, I really dislike this new era of hip-hop, I can't find myself unconsciously vibing out to it. Please! If you know any good RnB, let me know. Below is what I like and dislike.

I love I tolerate I Cannot
Raveena Drake Trap, in general
Ceol sol Lizzo Megan the stallion
Tom Misch Ella fitzgerald Post Malone
Snoh Aalegra
Amber Mark